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 JavaEarth™ Soil Amendment


An Organic Soil Amendment From Coffee Grounds

Spent coffee grounds are a byproduct from the brewing process that delivers that delicious cup of coffee. Coffee Grounds are one of earth’s largest sources of organic waste. The Grounds are a unique organic material because of their high carbon content and water retention. Until recently, this abundant and valuable resource was typically disposed of in landfills across the United States. Using innovative technology, Sustainable Resources Group is now leading the challenge of upcycling organic residuals. Our coffee grounds are sourced directly from internationally recognized manufacturers of soluble coffee and are byproducts of the production of instant coffee.


Coffee Ground Soil Benefits

  • Great Water Retention and Nutrient Absorption

  • Slow-release nitrogen source

  • Promotes Root Growth (Great Aeration)

  • Sustainable (Landfill Mitigated and Peat Free)

  • Clean and Safe (No contaminants, bugs, or seeds)

  • 100% Organic Content (No chemicals)


How To Use


Mix coffee into your soil up to 25%-35% by volume to improve soil structure. For acid loving plants blend 1 part coffee with 3 parts generic potting soil. For improving native soil, blend 1 part coffee with 4 parts native soil. Forseed starting mix, blend 1 part coffee with 1 part generic potting soil and 1 part one thing from the list below.


Materials to balance pH: Ironite, limestone, eggshells, bone meal, and more.


JavaEarth™ Product Forms

  • Wet Coffee Grounds – For nurseries, landscapers, and soil blenders.

  • Dry Coffee Grounds – For public use. (Hydrate before use; contains dust)

  • Sized Coffee Grounds – For fertilizer manufacturers, lawncare providers, and most spreaders equipment.


What To Expect

  • Retains moisture and nutrients

  • Helps promote strong root development

  • Lightens heavy soils


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