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 JavaBrewBQ™ Grilling Pellets


Premium Coffee Grilling Pellets

Spent coffee grounds are a byproduct from the brewing process that delivers that delicious cup of coffee. Coffee Grounds are one of earth’s largest sources of organic waste. The Grounds are a unique organic material because of their high heating value and natural oil content. Until recently, this abundant and valuable resource was typically disposed of in landfills across the United States. Using innovative technology, Sustainable Resources Group is now leading the challenge of upcycling organic residuals. Our coffee grounds are sourced directly from internationally recognized manufacturers of soluble coffee and are byproducts of the production of instant coffee.


 Coffee Grounds vs. Wood


Coffee is one of the largest commodities that is found in every part of the world. The virgin material is highly sought after, but after the coffee is brewed, the Grounds are normally discarded as waste. SRG reclaims and processes the Grounds, a renewable resource, that would otherwise be disposed of in landfills. By shifting demand from wood pellets to coffee pellets, we are ultimately contributing to saving our forests and utilizing an otherwise wasted natural resource.


IT’S NOT A HARD DECISION to switch fuels as JavaBrewBQ™ beats all competitor’s pellets in heat value and ash content. Most importantly, it is price competitive!


JavaBrewBQ™ has 35% more heating value than most hard wood and 80% less ash than wood pellets premium standards. That means faster startups, longer cooks, and less clean up!

Grilling & Smoking


JavaBrewBQ™ Original Blend gives the classic taste of charcoal with a hint of roastedcoffee. The pellets can be used for pellet blends, or by itself. Use with all outdoor pellet grills and smokers. The pellets are ideal for Traeger and Pit Boss grills. The table below shows the results from a 2-lbs test of the JavaBrewBQ™ and our competitor’s pellets on the Traeger 575 Pro pellet grill.


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